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From Henri Gomez <hgo...@apache.org>
Subject [poll] weblog package on apache.org
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 14:50:25 GMT
Let's (re)start the poll here since it's the commiters list
was innapropriate ;(

Subject: weblog package on apache.org

The goal of this poll is to get commiters feedback on
having a weblog package on apache.org.

The basic idea is to provide ASF commiters a tool which
could be used to expose their 'ASF related' works, ideas,
notes using a common ASF Look&Feel.

Questions :

- Did there is a need for a weblog package installed at apache.org
   where commiters could put notes about THEIR ASF related works ?

- Should we select a Java based solution (the request came from
   jakarta-general initially), or anything else ?

- Which packages/products are good candidates, having licence
   without apache members/commiters contestations ?

Comments welcomed.


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