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From Steven Noels <stev...@outerthought.org>
Subject Re: sponsoring of asf: fud or truth?
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 13:46:24 GMT
Lars Eilebrecht wrote:

> According to Steven Noels:
>>  - http://www.netcrucible.com/blog/ ("The whole Apache project is 
>>impressive in the spirit of the pre-bubble open-source projects, but 
>>Apache's heavy dependence on BigCo funding (IBM, Sun, etc.) kind of 
>>disqualifies them and spoils the romance.")
> Well, that's bullshit ...

Sure, never said I believed that.

> The ASF does not depend on 'BigCo' funding and never has been.
> Of course some of those companies have donated money, bandwith or hardware
> which is nothing unsual. 
> The ASF is a membership-based foundation and only and individual can
> become a member. How can a company 'buy out' the ASF? 

The membership is free for the elected few, still ASF has operational 
costs (apart from kindly donated hardware & bandwidth). Conspiracy 
theorists might use that as a basis for FUD, as much as I hate it. But 
if I post a rebutal, I'd rather want it backed by facts than some 

>>I was wondering what might be true (or FUD) about this BigCo funding. Or 
>>even worse: are accounting records available? Of course, one might 
>>wonder whether such details should be made available to non-members. 
> IMHO accounting records can't be made available, due to legal reasons (?),

... seems a boilerplate sentence these days... Can't parse this: 
companies have to be quite public with their accounting books, whereas 
an open source foundation can't be for legal reasons? IMHO of course, 
and I might have been reading too much cluetrain lately ;)

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