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From Ben Hyde <bh...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: Where are we?
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 20:35:31 GMT
  Henri Yandell wrote:
> That gives me a nice site that pops up lots of windows etc and tries to
> set my homepage.

I'm very sorry about that[1], never trust anything I write!


David Reid wrote:
> Do we have to be truthful and honest? :) Maybe we could have one that 
> shows
> where we'd *like* to be...

Maybe, like the name of this email list, it isn't dishonest to have it 
be where we aspire to be.  In any case let's defer trust computations 
to a latter phase.

Ok so the most trivial registry thing to do is put a file in the 
committers repository that enumerates the URL that members then edit 
locally to provide meta data like the ICBM info.


% cvs -d cvs.apache.org:/home/cvs co committers
% echo 'http://enthusiasm.cozy.org/' >> committers/urls.txt
% cvs ci -m 'Add Ben' committers/urls.txt

That's about as low on the food chain as we can go 'knowledge 
representation' wise.  Should we climb higher, and if so ... why?

Anybody know how to make a map?

  - ben

[1] Your still using a browser that doesn't suppress pop-ups?  Ouch!

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