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From "David Reid" <dr...@jetnet.co.uk>
Subject Re: Fw: You can at least forward my comments to these secretdiscussions about wiki
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 23:19:10 GMT
> > > ( Note: I'm only writing you two only because Greg, you are the
Chairman of
> > > the Board, and Andrew, you've been a proponent of Wiki.  Since I only
> > > about a discussion secondhand, I can only imagine what is being
> > > here's my take.  Also, Mr. Stein, just in case you are fuming mad at
> > > don't let my comments color your view of Mr. Oliver - I've never met
him. )
> >
> > As I already said, while I don't know what is happening on members@
> > either, why don't we give Tim access to community@?
> +1
> Though - and on a different topic - there is one thing nagging me here;
> and that is this concept that the 'public' has a 'right' to be involved in
> discussions within a community; without being yet part of that community.
> Just because our software is free (as in free beer) does not mean that the
> process behind it needs to be free (as in speech) and open to all. Though
> I admit that we like to think of ourselves as a public institution; we are
> not; nor do we have the social structure to even come close to being one.
> and having worked as a civil servant - I am not sure I'd even want this
> community to be one; as it is not the right environment to foster this
> type of work or code.

Damn - I actually agree with you Dirk! :)


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