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From tobr...@transolutions.net (O'brien, Tim)
Subject RE: You can at least..... ( subject too long )
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 23:28:10 GMT

> Beyond that, I'm sensing hostility that doesn't make any sense.

No hostility, and I hope you don't take offense at anything I've written.

Again, I didn't mean to start a fight.  

I was just responding to a Wiki page posted this morning that mentioned that
discussions were occuring on board@ and members@, and some were talking
about shutting down the Wiki.  

> Board vs. Wiki?  That's somewhat amusing in its timing, 
> considering that the Chairman of the Board.....

Makes sense, I apologize for choosing those words specifically.  Because
community@ is a closed list, I was not aware of the discussion, and was
basing my comments from what I had read on Wiki. 

Again, I regret having used the term "Board vs. Wiki".

> I am not aware of the ASF Board, as an 
> official body, having said word one about the Wiki.  Nor do I 
> detect anything regarding the Wiki in their meeting minutes.

I can't say, the most recent board minutes that I can see are from November
2002.  I'll trust you though, I take it you've seen the Board meeting
minutes from December and January. 

Tim O'Brien 

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