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From Ben Hyde <bh...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: Wiki RSS
Date Tue, 31 Dec 2002 21:22:26 GMT
> My personal suggestion would be to find a way to partition the wiki 
> pages per project and send those diffs to the various project mail 
> lists.

Yeah, then the different projects can make their own choices about 
lowering the barrier to entry vs. raising the quality bar.  That is 
both something that the foundation should not own the responsibility 
for.  Note that at the present moment oversight for the wiki - ah work 
product - is probably defaulting into the infrastructure PMC - that's 
not stable.

This particular wiki software is quite lean, I suspect it's a little 
too lean - and GPL.  As you've pointed out it's really a CMS, and as we 
all know that's a bottomless pit.

If you change the script to compute the database path from url that 
invoked it.  Then setting up multiple wiki's becomes trivial to 
automate.  Inter-wiki linking was trivial for me to setup at my house.  
Though I see it didn't work out well for Andrew.

Per project wiki would also enable some other experimenting.  Something 
along the lines of http://httpd.wiki.apache.org / probably allows a 
range of sufficiently diverse and confusing futures.

  - ben

"The site of the true bottomless financial pit is the toy store."

ps.  Why is there no Starbucks at the ER?   Why is there no shipping 
service at airport security?

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