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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Wiki RSS
Date Tue, 31 Dec 2002 22:23:49 GMT
> If you change the script to compute the database path from url that 
> invoked it.  Then setting up multiple wiki's becomes trivial to 
> automate.  Inter-wiki linking was trivial for me to setup at my 
> house.  Though I see it didn't work out well for Andrew.

No.. I just didn't try.  Patches welcome.

> Per project wiki would also enable some other experimenting.  
> Something along the lines of http://httpd.wiki.apache.org / probably 
> allows a range of sufficiently diverse and confusing futures.

I've no drive to contribute to that effort, but thats fine if you do.


>  - ben
> "The site of the true bottomless financial pit is the toy store."
> ps.  Why is there no Starbucks at the ER?   Why is there no shipping 
> service at airport security?
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