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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Wiki RSS
Date Tue, 31 Dec 2002 22:00:16 GMT
<perl-bashing requestedaction="ignore,agree">
I'm a crappy perl coder -- and I prefer not to code in PERL... (though I 
do it every day you'll be hard
pressed to get me to do any serious perl coding as a volunteer ;-) )

I highly suggest you look on the UseModWiki (see ApacheWiki follow the 
links).  I think you'll find
a number of patches available..  They seem to be incapable of using 
"diff" which means its "go here and
edit this then do that above this" kind of crap....  However, i'll bet 
you can find a number of things...

That being said.. I'd rather leave authentication off unless we have to 
turn it on...  Which incorporates a
limitation as to what we can do stock.  (We might need 2 modes...but I 
think I prefer secure batch scripts and
stuff running in CVS)

I don't see myself in participating in coding enhancements on the wiki 
as tis not my itch to do so, but I
will be very happy to apply patches (in diff -u format) and the such....  

I could use a hand with this XML::RSS mod local installing stuff... 
 (willing to spring for a phone call inside
the continental US/Canada)....  Got some good advice from a PERL 
hacker....but I might need someone to
spoon feed me...


>How good a PERL coder are you?  [Actually, Danny Angus had mentioned that he
>might look at this, but this time of year is busy for everyone]  There is a
>page record.  It seemed to me that it ought to be feasible to add a field to
>each page record with a mailing list address, and then mail change
>notifications from the edit, when the edit is not minor.  This would be
>additional to what appears to be an admin request/requirement for changes to
>be posted to an mailing list for logging purposes.  But my PERL is
>infrequently exercised, and I haven't had time to look at the details of
>implementing the change.
>	--- Noel
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