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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@apache.org>
Subject Re: ASF Member/Committer AUP
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 12:07:52 GMT
>Ask Dion Gillard specifically.  He's doing a lot on documenting Maven.
I think he was of the opinion that this documentation belonged on 
Maven's site. I said I'd link to
whatever page he suggested.  I got no reply.  (I'm mostly sure it was him)

>>No they are linked quite clearly from the page that says "mailing lists"
>Really?  Where is the reorg mailing list, for example?  :-)  I was refering
>to the fact that some are missing from the lists, not that all of them are.
>And the non-project specific ones that are ASF related were what I had in
>mind for your document.
reorg is closed down.  Community doesn't seem to appear here.  But here 
is the
http://www.apache.org/foundation/mailinglists.html meta mail lists AFAIK.  

This document that I'm writing is more of a technical guide for those 
special "ide developers" --
In Java, these are people who don't know what a classpath is.  In C++ it 
would be
Visual C++ developers who live in the classwizards and have never 
touched a makefile.  I'm not
sure there is a C equivilent.  My knowledge is outdated...  What 
replaced Quick C?

Its not intended as the all encompasing "apache guide" -- Several 
attempts have been made at this,
and I've not quite got the patience for arguing out TheOneTrueWay, etc. 
that such efforts generally
devolve into (sad comment on my character, but true).

however I think you're right..  some "meta" information should probably 
be linked.  

>Been there, read that, own the t-shirt. ;-)  That isn't linked with
>www.apache.org/dev, for example.  Having one central starting point to
>collate all of the myriad bits of information for Committers is what I was
>getting at.
Patches my friend, patches.  Do you have access to jakarta-site?  Send a 
couple patches to
general@ and I'm sure it will happen very quickly.  (Heck if you just 
ask it will probably happen).
I'm pretty sure Ted Husted was working on that...

note: this "ide developers' guide" is still in beta so its not clearly 
linked..  (As soon as I'm sure it does
more good then harm...I'll spring it more visibly on the helpless ;-) )


>	--- Noel
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