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From Sam Ruby <ru...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [RFC] prototype committers list with links
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 21:31:56 GMT
Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
>> 'nother thought.  do we want to include in the karma column modules
>> which aren't available through anoncvs/viewcvs?
> Yeah, I was thinking the same thing - we shouldn't include ones that 
> aren't publically available.  Perhaps we should have a list of 'dead' 
> CVS repositories to exclude - for example, apache-1.2 isn't active any 
> more...

So, why not either (1) remove the anoncvs symbolic link, or (2) remove 
the name from the avail file.  Either action will cause these entries to 
disappear from this generated page.

Clearly, side files can be created to address this, but I find processes 
such as these provide insightful perspectives into the way things are 
set up that may motivate people to DoTheRightThing(TM).

> My only other comment would be not to bold ASF members.  There's no good 
> reason (IMHO) to distinguish them here.

I won't take credit for this, but I must admit that I kinda like it.

The visual clues are not overwhelming, and at the Town Hall we heard 
some say that they were not aware that there was such a thing as ASF 
membership.  As I understand it from discussions with a number of people 
at ApacheCon, the overall goal is to get everyone who both "gets it" and 
appears likely to be sticking around for a while to become a member. 
Perhaps, this will provide a subtle push.

Meanwhile, there undoubtably are cases where someone like Jim is looking 
up an id and would find it useful to know if the person is a member. 
This provides a such information all in one place.

> If I get time, I might take a pass at Sam's perl script and tweaking it 
> accordingly.  If someone beats me, great.  =)
> Other than that, it's a great step in the right direction!  Go Sam!  =)  


- Sam Ruby

P.S.  I posted some meta commentary on this discussion on the web.  It 
shouldn't be very hard to find.  ;-)

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