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From Sam Ruby <ru...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [proposal] creation of communitity.apache.org
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 00:37:29 GMT
James Cox wrote:
> Not meaning to pick on you Andrew but this comment really made me feel i had
> to respond.
> Sun has a long standing relationship with the ASF, one that has taken alot
> of time to build, as well as contributed alot either way with regards to
> both code and community development. I would hate to see a situation where
> just one person could destroy that relationship.. and the above comment
> suggests that you don't really understand [the benefits of] the ASF's
> association with Sun.

I believe I have a fair appreciation of the value of this relationship.

Now, look at what an *ASF*member* put on http://jakarta.apache.org/ at 
one point:


One way to solve this is to remove all commit access to all apache.org 
web sites from all committers and members.  And while we are at it, we 
should probably drop @apache.org e-mail addresses.  Oh, and since this 
particular topic was discussed to death on the 
general@jakarta.apache.org mailing list, we should seriously consider 
whether or not the risks of having ASF hosted mailing lists outweigh the 

Another way to address this is via education and community pressure.

- Sam Ruby

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