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From Sam Ruby <ru...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [proposal] creation of communitity.apache.org
Date Sun, 01 Dec 2002 23:57:59 GMT
David Reid wrote:
>>>>>I'd be more comfortable if the individual committer pages were
>>>>>hosted outside the apache.org domain, as is the case with this
>>>>>example.  - ben
>>>>With a few notable exceptions, for example: 
>>Oh, are we keeping score?  If we are I'll have to point out that 
>>somebody is hosting .doc files on his pages at apache.org.  That's 
>>worth some points isn't it?
>>Humor aside what point are you folks making?
> I've given up trying to figure that out as well...

I was *NOT* trying to be funny.

As I said at the Town Hall meeting of the ApacheCon... I am a committer, 
a PMC chair, a member, and a director... and for none of these roles 
does there seem to be a rulebook.

Now here we have Ben Hyde saying that he is concerned what impact there 
would be on the ASF if committers were allowed to have personal pages 
hosted by the ASF.

Meanwhile, the then chair of the ASF has long since hosted his favorite 
board games, sports, and quotes on www.apache.org.

Is that clear enough?  If not, the point I was really trying to make was 
best expressed by Ken:

> someone tries to force its opinion on me about how i may choose to
> express myself and describe my participation in the asf, i tell it to sod
> off in no uncertain terms.  if someone doesn't like it, then it should
> a) not do it, and b) not look at others.  but don't obstruct people who
> think the idea has value, particularly since it won't affect *you* in any way.
> (generic 'you' there, not anyone in mind at all.

The ASF I wish to be a part of is one and/or create is one that 
tolerates differences in points of view or approach to solving problems.

- Sam Ruby

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