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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [proposal] creation of communitity.apache.org
Date Sun, 01 Dec 2002 15:33:42 GMT
Yeah.. I'm confused...what does ANY of the issues brought up have to do 
with creating the dns entry?  It seems some folks are voting/debating 
the home directories themselves.  Those are already there and I assume 
that decision was already made.  I suppose you could propose they be 
shut down, but I DON'T see what creating the DNS entry has to do with 
that...  But I'm kinda dull, so maybe if someone explains it, I'll get it.  


Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> Ben Hyde wrote:
>>> 'community.apache.org' web site.
>> -1
> Uh, thanks Ben. That helped a lot understanding the reasons behind 
> your negative vote.
> Several things were put on the table:
>  1) potential non-asf-ralated material
>  2) content imposition
>  3) fact -> vote
>  4) -1 without reason
>  5) automatic redirection breaks existing content
>  6) people.apache.org
> I'll reply to all of these in this message for brevity:
> 1) we already have committers homepages. so either we close those 
> down, or I don't see any reason for people starting to misbehave from 
> this point on. my proposal is just bring coherence to something that 
> grew out by itself.
> 2) my proposal contained 'suggestions' and there would be no way for 
> anybody to force somebody to adhere to some standard. I perfectly know 
> that all of us are lazy butts and I know all of us become overly 
> defensive when things are 'imposed'.
> But there is no imposition on a suggestion.
> 3) read how the title starts. "proposal" means "let's start a 
> discussion" and "place your vote" means "tell me what you think, 
> honest". It might sound a little arrogant to some, but I much rather 
> prefer to cut the crap and get things done. Since this proposal will 
> impact all committers, I wanted to hear what everybody here perceived 
> it and so I started a proposal.
> Again, I don't see the need to become defensive.
> 4) as a rule on the development communities where I happen to hang 
> around, a -1 without a reason can be ignored without a reason.
> Being this a much wider community, I much rather ask the *reason* why 
> I negative vote has been placed without a reason. Ben, your turn.
> 5) automatic redirection was proposed a way to unify URI spaces of the 
> current homepages. Since no content will be imposed (everybody can 
> have whatever they want on their pages), I don't see why this should 
> be a problem
> 6) since this list is the mail list representation of that web site, I 
> thought that community.apache.org was a better name since it matches 
> the mail list one.
> Your turn, people.

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