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From Justin Erenkrantz <jerenkra...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [proposal] creation of communitity.apache.org
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 16:38:12 GMT
--On Monday, December 2, 2002 10:56 AM -0500 Sam Ruby 
<rubys@apache.org> wrote:

> Justin, if you would like to put forward a set of rules,
> guidelines, and suggest an enforcement mechanism, I would be
> inclined to endorse it if it would further consensus.

As I have said before, what I would prefer is more projects using the 
'contributors' page that lists all contributors with a short blurb 
about them - much along the lines of what Stefano originally 
suggested.  It'd be on the project pages, not on individual person's 
pages (that ensures oversight).  Their entry can then link to the 
non-ASF site of their choice.

My canonical example is:


Although Jakarta has one of their own:


My issue with the Jakarta page is that it doesn't have a picture 
(rather, room for a picture) and not everyone has their favorite link 
associated with it.  For a page so large, the index at the top with 
everyone's name on it would be goodness, I think.  I also have a 
hunch that each Jakarta sub-project should have a contributors page 
rather than a maintaining a global Jakarta one.  That page is just 
too big.

What I would think would also be agreeable is that we have a 
foundation-wide page that links to each project's contributors page. 
I'd be loathe to see duplication though.  Hence, just link to each 
project's page.

However, I could see a case where someone on community@ doesn't know 
what projects I'm on and hence doesn't know where to look for my 
info.  That may make the case for polishing up Jim's page that lists 
all committers and their projects and putting it somewhere more 
'official.'  Perhaps, we could also follow a similar pattern as we do 
for members with committers.  Jim's page could be tweaked to have a 
simple 'name, organization' with preferred links for both.  That'd be 
it.  Nothing more (every committer would be arranged alphabetically 
with no mention of what PMCs, ASF membership, etc, etc.).  Yet, your 
'name' link should do a job of describing who you are.

If your preferred website doesn't describe you, then I wouldn't 
complain that no one knows who you are.  =)

> There is such a directory for members.  And I'm pleased to report
> that I have yet to come across a Beanie Baby in any of the links I
> have visited.

The members directory just has their name and organization (perhaps 
URLs for both).  But, all those links are external.  =)  I don't care 
if you sell Beanie Babies or have pictures of your kids on your site. 
-- justin

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