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From Ask Bjoern Hansen <...@perl.org>
Subject Re: [RFC] prototype committers list with links
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 13:32:53 GMT
On Mon, 2 Dec 2002, Sam Ruby wrote:

> Source to the script can be found at:
> 	http://cvs.apache.org/~rubys/committers.pl

The "isin" sub was too much for my Perl eyes to bear, so I
refactored the script to have nicer code, process both lists in one
run, not call external programs and be better at finding links (the
old version missed most of them).


the output should be the same though (except for more links):


There are still a few "foo bar=\"blah\"" entries that should be
changed to qq[foo bar="blah"] (*)  but I want to sleep now...

(*) see http://archive.develooper.com/tips@perl.org/msg00003.html

 - ask

ask bjoern hansen, http://askbjoernhansen.com/  !try;
develooper llc,    http://www.develooper.com/   do();

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