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From Ted Husted <hus...@apache.org>
Subject Re: clarification on jakarta guidelines proposal
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 12:44:57 GMT
Good point, Ken =:0)

I'll make the patch, but the document's been "in committee" for 
some time now. I doubt that it will ever be adopted, since the 
PMC will probably wait-and-see what the Incubator cranks out. 

I put the proposal together a couple of years ago but ran out of 
steam before ever cutting a "release candidate". 


11/6/2002 7:04:40 AM, Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.Coar@Golux.Com> 

>in looking for references to costin's remarks about revolution,
>i found <url:http://jakarta.apache.org/site/proposal.html>.  i >
>know if that's the document from which he was working, but it's
>an interesting read nonetheless.
>however, there is one section that i think needs clarification.
>under the pmc membership section,
>> The Chair or any member may be removed from the PMC by a
>> super-majority vote of the PMC members.
>that is only partially possible.  the chair of a pmc can *not* be
>removed by anyone except the asf board of directors, because the 
>has the board-delegated legal authority over and responsibility 
>the project.
>the pmc (or anyone, for that matter) may petition the board for
>removal/change of a chair, but it does not have the power to make 
>change itself.
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