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From Steven Noels <stev...@outerthought.org>
Subject Re: @apache web pages
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2002 05:48:50 GMT
Andrew C. Oliver wrote:

 > The advantage is that anyone using forrest could have their pages
 > generated from ONE central running copy of forrest.  We won't have
 > 60-300 ssh demons running remotely uploading pages opening up
 > security holes... and its just good clean infrastructure!
 > I'll demonstrate lack of impact on the server, and get blessings from
 >  people on "infrastructure" etc before scheduling this of course.
 > Any volunteers for #1?  Any forresters willing to help me out
 > spelunking forrest?

Could be one of the things that runs on cocoondev.org (the machine) - 
being equiped to run Java, and being proposed to be more officially 
affiliated/endorsed by (at least) the Cocoon community. But then of 
course it runs externally to daedalus, but having gone through this 
before, I would not hope for the possibility to run 
role-based/time-triggered/Java-based processes on daedalus/icarus.

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