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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: comments on the votes
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 12:27:02 GMT
some thoughts on the public/private record of voting..

sometimes how someone voted should be public, and sometimes not.  if
the person is elected, such as a member of the board, how it votes
should be a matter of public record so the electors can see how well
their interests are being represented (i.e., whether they want to vote
for that person again next time, or petition for a recall *right now*

i believe we (the board) haven't been as careful in recording this
information as we ought; i think our records often show simply how
many were for/against a resolution.  i hope we will change this and be
more rigourous in the recording of votes.

however, the duty is only to the electors.  take pmcs, for example.
in the case of a pmc in which all the members of the pmc are elected
by the project committers, how the pmc members vote should be
available to the committers.  in the case of a pmc that chooses its
own composition, there is no such obligation.

there are also some votes which cannot, should not, or arguably should
not be made public, regardless of how the voters came to be granted
the franchise.  votes on things covered by non-disclosure agreements,
or on personnel matters, are good examples.  another is the
self-selecting form of pmc mentioned above; if someone is being
considered for membership in the pmc, details of how individuals vote
are not things that are anyone's business except the person who voted,
because it isn't representing anyone except itself.

consider the analogy of an governmental organisation.  as a voter, you
want to know how your elected representative is voting on issues that
concern you, and are entitled to know that.  however, how *you* voted
in an election is a matter of closely-guarded confidentiality.

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