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From John Keyes <jke...@icarus.apache.org>
Subject Re: Common XML Project descriptor ( Re: Subtle barriers to entry )
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2002 22:08:56 GMT
> > If the answer to above is yes : cool and from a maven perspective the above
> > is what can be offered, based on the maven project.xml, and I can write a
> > maven plugin to generate that xml.
> > If you had something different in mind, please explain ;)
> What you propose is simply a subset of what I envision.
> With the above descriptor, we can create both a centralized page with
> the summaries for all projects *and* project summary pages.

It sounds like it would make sense if maven was modified
to import a projectinfo document and therefore it could
generate the project page using it.  This would support
the vision of it being tool agnostic.

-John K

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