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From Ted Husted <hus...@apache.org>
Subject Re: request: terms/definitions for the glossary
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 13:15:14 GMT
Following are some suggested patches for Incubator documents.



1st paragraph 

+ change "aggergate" to "aggregrate"

+ (preference) change "live document" to "living document"


+ change to The <a href="">Apache Software Foundation</a>, a non-
profit organization.


+ change to "The <a href="http://apache.org/foundation/board/">ASF 
Board</a> is the legal governing body of the ASF, elected by the 
<a href="#Member">members</a>. The Board is defined by the <a 
href="#Bylaws">ASF Bylaws</a>.


+ change to "The <a href="">ASF Bylaws</a> are the core rules that 
govern how the Foundation and its projects may conduct business. 
The ASF Bylaws are a component of its legal status as a non-profit 
corporation. ASF projects may also publish bylaws and guidelines 
for the project's internal use. Of course, the official ASF Bylaws 
supercede any bylaw or guideline published by one of its projects. 
If a conflict is detected, the matter may be brought to the 
attention of the project's <a href="#PMC">Management Committee


+ change "entities" to "assets"

+ Add sentence: "All Contributors should have a <a 
Agreement</a> on file with the Foundation.


+ add "For more about using CVS in general, see <a 
href="http://cvsbook.red-bean.com">The CVS Book</a>. 


+ add "A <a href="#contributor">contributor</a> who provides code 
patches or other technical services to one or more of our assets. 


+ add (from Foundation Roles page) "The Apache Software Foundation 
Board of Directors is responsible for management and oversight of 
the business and affairs of the corporation. While the <a 
href="#Board">Board</a> retains ultimate responsibility for the 
foundation, it delegates decision-making authority for the 
technical direction of projects to the <a href="#PMC>Project 
Management Committees</a>.


+ change "itself" to "themself"


+ add "Officers include the <a href="#Chair">Chairman</a>, <a 
href="#President">President</a>, <a href="#Treasurer">Treasurer
</a>, and several <a href="Vice-Presidents">Vice Presidents</a>.


+ change "seriving" to "serving"


+ Add (from Foundation page) "The most important participants are 
the people who use our software. The majority of our <a 
href="#Contributor">contributors</a> start out as users and guide 
their development efforts from the user's perspective. Users 
contribute to the Apache projects by providing feedback to 
developers in the the form of bug reports and feature suggestions. 
As well, users participate in the Apache community by helping 
other users on mailing lists and user support forums."

Add to body

+ <dt><strong><a name="Apache Way"></a>Apache Way</strong></dt>

<dd>The shared practices of the ASF <a href="#Committer">
Committers</a> and the <a href="#Community">community</a> 
surrounding the ASF projects. See also <a 
href="theapacheway.html">the Apache Way</a> document</dd>

+ <dt><strong><a name="patch"></a>patch</strong></dt>
of a unified "diff -u oldfile newfile" CVS command</dd>



About Apache, second list item

+ change link "http://incubator.apache.org/drafts/whoweare.html"
to "http://incubator.apache.org/whoweare.html"


+ add "http://www.php.net/manual/en/history.php"


+ change "Mission" to "Jakarta Mission"

+ swap list items so ASF message comes first

+ add XML Mission <http://xml.apache.org/mission.html>

Add new section "First principles" 

The core beliefs of the Apache Way have been summarized into six 

    collaborative software development
    commercial-friendly standard license
    consistently high quality software
    respectful, honest, technical-based interaction
    faithful implementation of standards
    security as a mandatory feature



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