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From Ted Husted <hus...@apache.org>
Subject Re: love.html
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 13:33:43 GMT
10/29/2002 8:24:38 AM, Joe Schaefer <joe+apache@sunstarsys.com> 
>With all due respect, you might be safer standing behind Jon 
>than Sam.  What's the point of local governance if the 
>governing bodies are incapable of dealing with trivial issues 
>like this 

Joe, we're kidding. =:0)

As mentioned, elsewhere, if you'd like to submit a patch, I'd 
be happy to apply it. But the page is not linked through the 
site. It's apparently something Jon mailed to people.

Jon always did a lot of work on the Jakarta site, so personally 
I cut him a lot of slack. He did the work, and so he made the 
decisions. When I do the work, I  make the decisions, and if 
someone doesn't like what I do, they can post their 
alternative, and the community can choose between them.

If you disagree with the wording of this page, then its up to 
*you* to do the work of providing an alternative. Assuming that 
its less offensive than the original, having the karma, I'd be 
happy to post your patch.


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