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From d...@multitask.com.au
Subject Re: Dear incubator
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2002 02:13:40 GMT
Since the discussion was initiated here on general@jakarta, I'd prefer we 
kept it here until there is a way forward via incubator, rather than move 
it off to yet another list.

dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting
Work:      http://www.multitask.com.au
Developers: http://adslgateway.multitask.com.au/developers

"Andrew C. Oliver" <acoliver@apache.org> wrote on 27/10/2002 11:30:10 AM:

> Dear incubator,
> I feel like I'm speaking to the wizard of Oz posting to a list I can't 
> see ;-)
> Tapestry (tapestry.sourceforge.net) is a web app framework similar in 
> use and scope to Velocity/turbine and JSP/Struts, but certainly very 
> different in approach.
> dIon Gillard and I have both agreed to help with the transition. 
> However we both feel the first step is for the tapestry community 
> (to whom's mail list I am now subscribed) to adopt apache voting rules (
> http://httpd.apache.org/dev/guidelines.html) before joining.  once 
> they've demonstrated this transition and identified 3 core 
> committers, we should identify whether they go through some new 
> process or identify the new incubator process.  Whatever the case 
> they should not be unduely lubricated through the guidelines, nor 
> unduely inhibited by the transition.  I think we're all up to this 
> challenge and this could (hopefully) set a very nice precident.
> To this end and to the ends of providing more interaction between 
> the various elements here at apache, I would like to suggest Ken 
> Coar whom I have approached as the "member sponsor" and "advisor" of
> the project and has stated his interest.  His experience and 
> abillities will be an asset to this transition as well as provide 
> greater insight to the rest of the Apache community on the goings on
> of a Java/Jakarta project.
> I'd like to start a conversation on what the process/guidelines for 
> accepting Tapestry should be at the same time and what its path for 
> acceptance as either a Jakarta project or top level apache project 
should be.
> I would suggest that this discussion happen on the community at 
> apache list and move to the general at jakarta list if deemed 
> appropriate as dion and I cannot participate in the pmc@incubator 
> list nor can the project principals.
> Thanks for your support,
> Andrew C. Oliver
> committer POI, Lucene
> contributer Cocoon, JAMES
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