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From Ted Husted <hus...@apache.org>
Subject Jakarta++
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2002 13:53:04 GMT
I think a lot of us have been talking past each other on the 
various lists, and so I thought I would try and summarize the 
situation as I understand it. 

In the beginning, the Foundation was created to sponsor one or 
more open source projects. Each project was to be managed by a 
Project Management Committee. Each PMC is overseen by a board 
officer. The PMC is generally made up of the senior Committers 
to the project. Each PMC is to have a Chair, and the Chair is 
to be a Member of the Foundation. The Chair is an 
administrative officer and has the authority to take decisive 
action when necessary. 

The Jakarta PMC was created as an umbrella for nascent Java 
products. Today, we might call it an incubator. The original 
idea was that the Jakarta subprojects would one day grown into 
Apache Projects. But the Jakarta community grew so quickly and 
so well that we have lost sight of the original objective. 

As it stands, the Jakarta PMC is filling the role of a board 
and each subproject's Committers are acting as a PMC. This is 
probably a good idea for young groups still learning The Way. 
But many of the Jakarta subprojects are all-grown-up now. Like 
any good parent, the Jakarta PMC should start encouraging the 
mature subprojects to leave the nest. 

This will mean that the nine Board officers will be the contact 
for more Projects. But each of these Projects will have its own  
Chair, and that Chair will be a Member of the Foundation too. 
The other members of the Committee will be the senior 
Committers to the Project, and hopefully the Project's officer 
and Chair will recruit more Foundation Members from each 
Project. More importantly, the Project's PMC will have both the 
knowledge and the authority to deal with things like IP issues.  

Today, Jakarta has Committers with the knowledge of problems, 
but without the authority to take decisive action. Conversely, 
we have a PMC with the authority to take action, but without 
the knowledge to apply that authority with good conscious. 

Jakarta is no longer a place of "little things". We sponsor 
several important products and continue to attract others. The 
people who created these products and their communities should 
be encouraged to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Apache 
giants, like httpd and PHP. 

The Foundation's Board may need to undergo some refactoring to 
deal with handling more Projects. But, given everything else we 
have accomplished, I believe this is yet-another achievable 

It's been said that a PMC is not a website and mailing list. 
This is true. But it is also true that a virtual community *is* 
a website and mailing list. As Jakarta subprojects become 
Apache Projects, it is likely that some PMCs may wish to keep 
the Project hosted at Jakarta, or at least linked through its 
home page. This would serve the interests of the Community 
quite well, since the Jakarta products really do work well 
together. For that, both the Jakarta PMC and its legion of 
Committers are to be commended.


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