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From Ted Husted <hus...@apache.org>
Subject Re: ASF Membership Nomination
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2002 05:29:34 GMT
10/29/2002 11:23:22 PM, Henri Yandell 
<bayard@generationjava.com> wrote:
>In terms of community fractures, I think the proposal to 
>promote Jakarta projects out of Jakarta [something I'm not 
>against] is the one that is a danger to the community. I think
>this is why that community was originally defensive and still

I think most of the edginess is simply fear of the unknown. 
Many of the ASF Members, like Greg, have not had the 
opportunity to interact with the ASF Committers working at 
Jakarta. Likewise, nearly all of us working at Jakarta have 
only interacted with a handful of the ASF Members. For good or 
ill, many of the key management lists at other ASF Projects are 
restricted, making it difficult for us to learn by example. 
Happily, this list is starting to fill that gap by documenting 
some of the missing usuage examples. =:0)

I believe most of us are very eager to learn. Like many good 
developers, we are not eager to reinvent the wheel. Frameworks 
are a favorite topic at Jakarta, and I'm sure virtually all of 
us are ready, willing, and able to adopt the ASF framework. 
It's just most of us are still learning how the ASF 
architecture is suppose to work. 

Meanwhile, the Community at Jakarta is based on the 
interactions between its Committers, not on a political body or 
a URL. The Community of Committers that has arisen at Jakarta 
is not going to go away become some products "earn their 
stripe" and are promoted to top level projects. It's true that 
some people have developed a certain "brand" loyalty to 
Jakarta, but I think that loyalty will easily transfer back to 
Apache, as we learn more about what "being Apache" means. 


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