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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Open this list
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2002 23:43:06 GMT
I changed my vote to open it completely.  or just +1 on that too.  I 
favor medium access to closed completely for sure as I freaking hate the 
ezmlm archives (minimum readability)...

I believe we agreed to wait 72 hours...

Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

>i have just done my best to collate the votes as far as i have seen them
>in this thread; the result is in the committers module (to which everyone
>here theoretically has write access) under 'vote-community-access.txt'.
>everyone please verify that i didn't screw up your votes and put your
>names in the wrong places!
>here are the results so far:
>[as of $Date: 2002/10/27 23:22:57 $]
>Three views exist presently on the appropriate level of "openness" for
>the community@apache.org mailing list.  The purpose of this list is to
>fascillitate community development among the various disconnected
>groups in Apache.  Then to further discuss issues that affect the
>community as a whole.
>The list was created in direct response to this proposal by Stefano Mazzocchi:
>  1) a mail list general@apache.org should be created, it should be
>     open to committers only but it should be voluntary. Here is where
>     ASF-wide discussions should take place and committer and members
>     get to know each-other.
>Here are the views as originally defined by Andy Oliver in message
>View 1: Open the list completely, anyone can subscribe, post and read
>        the archive.
>  +1: Sam Ruby, Steven Noels, Jeff Turner, Rodney Waldhoff,
>      Craig R McClanahan, Morgan Delagrange, Conor MacNeill,
>      Ignacio J Ortega, Ted Husted
>  +0: Leo Simons
>  -0: Michael A Smith
>  -1: Ken Coar, Sander Striker, Greg Stein, Joe Schaefer, Justin Erenkrantz
>View 2: Keep the list open only to committers, members and invitees
>        (highly contributive developers and users) so far as posting
>        goes, however allow anyone to read or view the archive (and
>        include an archive such as MARC, etc.
>  +1: Sam Ruby, Andy Oliver, Leo Simons, James Taylor, Aaron Bannert,
>      Conor MacNeill, Erik Abele
>  +0: Craig R McClanahan, Greg Stein, Ignacio J Ortega, Ted Husted
>  -0: Ken Coar, Morgan Delagrange, Joe Schaefer, Justin Erenkrantz
>  -0.9: Sander Striker
>  -1: Michael A Smith
>View 3: Allow posting by committers, members, and invitees, and restrict
>        access to the archives to the subscribers.
>  +1: Ken Coar, Martin van den Bemt, B.W. Fitzpatrick, Michael A Smith,
>      Sander Striker, Greg Stein, Thom May, Joe Schaefer,
>      Peter Donald, James Cox, Vadim Gritsenko, Justin Erenkrantz
>  +0: Erik Abele
>  -0: Leo Simons, Conor MacNeill
>  -1: Craig R McClanahan, Morgan Delagrange, Ignacio J Ortega, Ted Husted

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