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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Open this list
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2002 23:25:51 GMT
i have just done my best to collate the votes as far as i have seen them
in this thread; the result is in the committers module (to which everyone
here theoretically has write access) under 'vote-community-access.txt'.

everyone please verify that i didn't screw up your votes and put your
names in the wrong places!

here are the results so far:
[as of $Date: 2002/10/27 23:22:57 $]

Three views exist presently on the appropriate level of "openness" for
the community@apache.org mailing list.  The purpose of this list is to
fascillitate community development among the various disconnected
groups in Apache.  Then to further discuss issues that affect the
community as a whole.

The list was created in direct response to this proposal by Stefano Mazzocchi:

  1) a mail list general@apache.org should be created, it should be
     open to committers only but it should be voluntary. Here is where
     ASF-wide discussions should take place and committer and members
     get to know each-other.

Here are the views as originally defined by Andy Oliver in message

View 1: Open the list completely, anyone can subscribe, post and read
        the archive.
  +1: Sam Ruby, Steven Noels, Jeff Turner, Rodney Waldhoff,
      Craig R McClanahan, Morgan Delagrange, Conor MacNeill,
      Ignacio J Ortega, Ted Husted
  +0: Leo Simons
  -0: Michael A Smith
  -1: Ken Coar, Sander Striker, Greg Stein, Joe Schaefer, Justin Erenkrantz

View 2: Keep the list open only to committers, members and invitees
        (highly contributive developers and users) so far as posting
        goes, however allow anyone to read or view the archive (and
        include an archive such as MARC, etc.
  +1: Sam Ruby, Andy Oliver, Leo Simons, James Taylor, Aaron Bannert,
      Conor MacNeill, Erik Abele
  +0: Craig R McClanahan, Greg Stein, Ignacio J Ortega, Ted Husted
  -0: Ken Coar, Morgan Delagrange, Joe Schaefer, Justin Erenkrantz
  -0.9: Sander Striker
  -1: Michael A Smith

View 3: Allow posting by committers, members, and invitees, and restrict
        access to the archives to the subscribers.
  +1: Ken Coar, Martin van den Bemt, B.W. Fitzpatrick, Michael A Smith,
      Sander Striker, Greg Stein, Thom May, Joe Schaefer,
      Peter Donald, James Cox, Vadim Gritsenko, Justin Erenkrantz
  +0: Erik Abele
  -0: Leo Simons, Conor MacNeill
  -1: Craig R McClanahan, Morgan Delagrange, Ignacio J Ortega, Ted Husted
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