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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Tapestry joins Jakarta
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2002 00:43:35 GMT
>>For Tapestry to become a subproject of Jakarta requires a 3/4 majority
>>of the PMC.  I am very interested in getting the incubator team to help
>>with the licensing issues and community issues.
>>I am optimistic about the outcome as there are plenty of people
>>motivated to make this work.
>WHO needs to vote? Jakarta or Incubator?
 From reading this incubator.apache.org I would say the incubator. 
 However I think that makes it a top level project.  Otherwise its 

Personally, I don't give a rat's behind to be honest.  

Back when I was in college (which I dropped out of to catch most of the 
Boom...thank god or I'd have graduated in time for the bust with no 
experience!)...  I had this misfortune of being on the Student 
Government  (ours was called something else which escapes memory because 
it was appointed...basically anyone who wanted to actually be on it 
could be).  Well we were funded to and went to the State (or was it 
regional....?  It was in tallahassee that part I do remember.) meeting 
of these.  The agenda was very simple and easy and could have been done 
in a 15 minute meeting had there not been a contingent who determined to 
fillibuster 2 days worth of talk with their mastery of the Robert's 
rules of order.  You see they debated the procedures and the such until 
the last hour when the board finally told them to sit down and shut up 
(which I'm sure violated page something or other) and we managed to pass 
one miniscule resolution of something stupid or other.

While the procedure and all that is very interesting and is important 
for the future of apache, it is not *particularly* important in the 
scope of accepting tapestry.  As long as there are "do-ers", it meets 
the guidelines for community, etc -- and there is a certain amount of 
good will, what is destined to be for the better will happen.  Maybe the 
project won't organize itself properly...maybe they'll not make the 
cut...I think they will, but regardless.

Or we can be like the florida something or other board of student 
governments and fillibuster ourselves to death over procedure, all get 
ticked off and argue until the apopcalypse...  

I would prefer the former rather than the latter but I'm a crazy 
man...so what do I know.  (Plus I've had an enormous chimichanga and a 
pint of Dos Equis...so I'm prone to be more democratically philisophical 
about things...)


>    Pier (dumb)
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