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From Erik Abele <e...@codefaktor.de>
Subject Re: Man, it's quiet here
Date Sat, 26 Oct 2002 22:35:52 GMT
Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
> * On 2002-10-25 at 22:53,
>   Erik Abele <erik@codefaktor.de> excited the electrons to say:
>>Perhaps we should propose another posting on the different 
>>developer-/committer-lists? It seems that Greg's and Stefano's postings 
>>did not really reach all the committers out there ;-(
> indeed.  i have a more-than-sneaking suspicion that an awful lot
> of *@apache.org addresses don't reach their owners.  i think
> that's something that should be fixed, since it means they're
> not being notified of things sent to committers@, which by
> definition concern them..
> so by all means the various lists should be notified of this
> list's existence.. and all committers who want to subscribe
> requested to use their @apache.org address.  not only will
> that make it easier for the moderators to decide whether to
> approve subscriptions, but it should also help validate the
> @apache.org addresses.

I would like (and I plan) to have Stefano's initial posting on the 
creation of the community@ list, posted another time on all the dev@, 
docs@ and so on lists. I also plan to add a note that every receipient 
should forward this message to any fellow-committers he knows of. This 
should ensure that every single committer is informed and gets (only if 
he wants) subscribed.

By adding another note about the .forward-issue, we could also reach the 
poeple who are not aware of their @apache.org accounts and fix this 
right away. Indeed an automated tool would help, but my time is limited. 
So if anybody wants to help, please mail me and we can coordinate things.

All in all we should await the final result of the open/close-vote so 
that we can rephrase Stefano's initial posting to the (possible) new 

Any objections?


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