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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Open vs. Closed mailing lists (was Re: Planting a seed)
Date Sat, 26 Oct 2002 15:42:49 GMT

+1 - I like the position and the policy :-)

Andrew C. Oliver wrote:

> Sorry for the cross post  Lets move this to community.
>> Think about infrastructure, pr, website content management, etc etc - 
>> all things without a real 'project' (only in the technical sense of a 
>> CVS module), but still resources our community needs, hence 
>> contributors to those resources should be regarded as community@ 
>> members. 
> This is why infrastructure needs to be a formal project.
> Rationale:  Infrastructure is a resource shared by multiple 
> groups...but no one is really a committer to it.  In most areas +1 
> means yes and I'll contribute.  -1 means no and heres why and an 
> alternative.  So far as infrastructure goes...  -1 means "No you're 
> not doing it my way even if I'm not going to do a dern thing". .
> An infrastructure project could be inhabited by people who actually 
> plan on DOING something.  And no more -1's from people who just want 
> to say no or are upset because their pet project isn't used.
> For instance..  We have on of the worlds most  inferior systems for 
> updating non-project (and some project) webpages (okay hand editing 
> HTML with no cvs would be worse but still)..  But why does this 
> happen?   Storing the HTML in CVS and the XML and having to go do cvs 
> update...not too pretty.  Plus some would-be contributers don't have 
> access to the web server to run the update. 
> Why?  Because lets say I offered to do the whole thing and bring it 
> into the new century with a great solution.. . Why didn't I use 
> Maven....or cocoon...or centipede...or forrest...or anakia....or 
> JIFF.  So -1 on me right (from someone)? Well time to fix that.  
> Secondly...who even knows how to update the www.apache.org site... I 
> sure don't and couldn't get an answer on where to send the patches...
> A committer based project where those who contribute vote is the best 
> thing I can think of... Anyone else?
> -Andy
>> I follow the reasoning that if people know their words will be 
>> recorded for later public consumption, they will try and act as 
>> respecting citizens. And mutual respect, even when in intellectual 
>> disagreeance, is one of the values of that infamous Apache Way (I 
>> guess).
>> </Steven>
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Stephen J. McConnell

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