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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Tapestry joins Jakarta
Date Sat, 26 Oct 2002 15:10:28 GMT
>Now, this looks like a little bit contradictory to me, you say "let's vote"
>(and I assume that the Jakarta community needs to vote), the Jakarta
>president says "let's make Incubator vote, and Tapestry be our guinea pig".
So?  I think Sam and Ken and the rest are committed to making this 
relatively painless (sorry for the cross post, I don't like talking 
about people behind their back...I prefer a more personal approach to 
insults...hehe ;-) ).  I'm committed to avoiding the Apache "the land of 
Catch-22s" Syndrome..  We'll get there.

>As I said, I'm not a part of this community (not a committer, not a PMC
>member), neither a member of the Incubator community, but seeing it things
>from a little bit of distance, WHO needs to vote? Jakarta or Incubator?
little details... We'll work them out.  Lets be positive :-)  

>I still keep my reasonable doubt that _right_now_ timing is not right, and
>that certain issues about who and where need to be solved before Tapestry,
>or any other project FWIW, can land in the Apache sphere...
No the timing is perfect.  The timing to work with them to bring them 
into the fold.  The completion of this task requires hard work 
dedication and committment.  The great news is these are parallel tasks. 
 Tapestry can adopt apache voting rules while we mold the pottery with 
our flames (j/k) over here!  Isn't this good stuff?  I think so.  (but 
then again I'm very strange)

Lets not inundate them with details, lets just be helpful.  Who's with us?


>    Pier
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