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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Tapestry joins Jakarta
Date Sat, 26 Oct 2002 14:20:26 GMT
Mr Ship,

I totally disagree with Pier's statement (and you'll find many here will 
feel the same as I on this).  
The opinion of Tapestry joining is very good.
Realize Apache is more like a confederation than anything.  So different 
people feel
differently.  We're still ironing out a new process as Pier said, 
however most folks I've
spoken to have felt that the Apache voting rules must be adopted as a 
first step not
later.  Dion and I have both committed to helping you with this 
transition (though I don't
think he ever stated so publically...Dion?).  And I'll be happy to 
subscribe to the tapestry
list if you desire and help you build the structure.

The steps as I see them:

1. Adopt apache voting rules
2. Vote to join and relicense (in one swoop)
3. Submit a formal proposal
4. You're in

The challenges ahead are:
1. Apache: figure out what the procedure is that you will join under  
      (my position is it doesn't matter as long as things are relaxed on 
you because we wanted
       to try something out and that things aren't full of extra hurdles 
because the procedure is
       in transition)
2. Tapestry: Find your voting committers, reorganize yourself into a 
meritocratic structure
3. All: Patience and due dilligence.

Me & Dion
1. Find a sponsoring member
2. Assist you in reorganizing
3. Assist you in your propoasal
4. Make our case
5. Assist you in getting your sources/structures here.

Thats as clearly as i can lay it out.  Hopefully others will chime in 
constructively and clear up anything I got wrong or is fuzzy ;-)


Pier Fumagalli wrote:

>On 26/10/02 15:01, "Howard M. Lewis Ship" <hlship@attbi.com> wrote:
>>So, this went out about a week ago, and the guidelines only cover as far as
>>publishing a proposal on the Jakarta General List.  What is the next step?
>>So far, I haven't seen any real negative responses, and a lot of positive
>>ones (I think a lot of ex-WebObjects folks are lurking about :-)).  I could
>>summarize in more detail if that would be helpful.  Obviously, the PMC
>>hasn't really weighed in.  Again, what next?
>Not being a committer to any of the Jakarta projects, and not being a PMC
>member, I can't say much on this, but from a general feeling that I gather
>from different parts of the foundation, I would say that _right_now_ the
>timing is not that great because of the "big reorg" going around ASF wide.
>But the decision is left to the Jakarta committers and PMC members...
>    Pier
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