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From Peter Donald <pe...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Welcome to Apache Letter
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2002 21:49:44 GMT
On Mon, 28 Oct 2002 05:49, Stephen McConnell wrote:
> The proposal document outlines an enhancement to semantics of the +1,
> +-0 and -1 voting model as described below:
>    Each vote on an action item can be made in one of three four flavors:
>    +1 The action should be performed, and I will help.
>    +0 Abstain, I support the action but I can't help.
>    -0 Abstain, I don't support the action but I can't help with an
> alternative.
>    -1 The action should not be performed and I am offering an
> explanation or alternative.
> I think the addition of the qualification "and I will help" or "I can't
> help" is orthoginal to the expression of support for something. 

They are othogonal but linked. You can not try and block something that you 
don't have any intention of participating in. Or else we get twats who try 
and block their "competition" by just -1'ing any change or improvement.

> In the
> case of the addition of a new committer - its not about suplying help or
> not, 

yes it is. Everyone who votes +1 is responsible for helping that committer 
become accustomed to the new project and making sure that they follow the 
protocols etc.

> its aboout taking a position if a committer should be granted
> rights or not. 

Committers have no rights, just privlidges.

> If its about code change - its possible for someone to
> express an valid and informed opinion and contribute a binding vote (+1
> or -1) without implication of a willingness to "help".

yep and the vote is called invalid.


Peter Donald
| The student who is never required to do what   |
|  he cannot do never does what he can do.       |
|                       - John Stuart Mill       |

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