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From Andreas Lehmkuehler <andr...@lehmi.de>
Subject Re: [IMPORTANT] - Migration to ci-builds.a.o
Date Sat, 18 Jul 2020 09:53:54 GMT

I can't create new jobs for PDFBox due to the missing svn integration.

Please add the missing plugin, I guess https://plugins.jenkins.io/subversion/


Am 16.07.20 um 18:33 schrieb Gavin McDonald:
> Hi All,
> This NOTICE is for everyone on builds.apache.org. We are migrating to a new
> Cloudbees based Client Master called https://ci-builds.apache.org. The
> migrations of all jobs needs to be done before the switch off date of 15th
> August 2020, so you have a maximum of 4 weeks.
> There is no tool or automated way of migrating your jobs, the
> differences in the platforms, the plugins and the setup makes it impossible
> to do in a safe way. So, you all need to start creating new jobs on
> ci-infra.a.o and then , when you are happy, turn off your old builds on
> builds.a.o.
> There are currently 4 agents over there ready to take jobs, plus a floating
> agent which is shared amongst many masters (more to come). I will migrate
> away 2 more agents from builds.a.o to ci-builds.a.o every few days, and
> will keep an eye of load across both and adjust accordingly.
> If needed, create a ticket on INFRA jira for any issues that crop up, or
> email here on builds@a.o. there may be one or two plugins we need to
> install/tweak etc.
> We will be not using 'Views' at the top level, but rather we will take
> advantage of 'Folders Plus' - each project will get its own Folder and have
> authorisation access to create/edit jobs etc within that folder. I will
> create these folders as you ask for them to start with. This setup allows
> for credentials isolation amongst other benefits, including but not limited
> to exclusive agents (Controlled Agents) for your own use , should you have
> any project targeted donations of agents.
> As with other aspects of the ASF, projects can choose to just enable all
> committers access to their folder, just ask.
> We will re-use builds.apache.org as a CNAME to ci-builds.a.o but will not
> be setting up any forwarding rules or anything like that.
> So, please, get started *now *on this so you can be sure we are all
> completed before the final cutoff date of 15th August 2020.
> Any questions - I expect a few (dozen :) ) - ask away and/or file INFRA
> tickets.
> Hadoop and related projects have their own migration path to follow, same
> cut off date, Cassandra, Beam, CouchDB have already migrated and are doing
> very well in their new homes.
> Lets get going ...

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