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From Thomas Bouron <thomas.bou...@cloudsoftcorp.com>
Subject Re: Building with docker - Best practices
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2017 13:52:51 GMT
Thanks for the replies Jean, Allen.

I agree with the pipeline approach, I want to do that for Brooklyn but
would like first to dockerize everything. It is a conservative approach but
it might be controversial in our community, therefore baby steps :)

All of the projects I’m involved with only ever use freestyle jobs.  Soooo…
> :)

Fair enough :)

This is one of the few jobs that Apache Hadoop doesn’t have dockerized.  I
> think I know what needs to happen (import the global maven settings) but I
> just haven’t gotten around to building the bits around it yet.  I’ll
> probably write something up and add it to the Apache Yetus toolbox.

So, I did some testing and turns out that you only need the global maven
`settings.xml`. As I mount the `~/.m2` folder on my docker image, `mvn
deploy` works like a charm!
However, one thing was missing: using the maven style project allows the
job to automatically archive artifacts and deploy them only at the end. I
managed to replicate this behaviour by using a conditional build step
(executed only on success) which call the same docker image but does a `mvn
deploy -DskipTest`. Granted it is not deploying the same artifacts that
have been tested (as it rebuilds them) but I think it is good enough for

I’m personally not a fan of depending upon docker hub for images. I’d
> rather build the images as part of the QA pipeline to verify they always
> work, and if the versions of bits aren’t pinned, to test against the
> latest. This also allows the Dockerfile to get precommit testing.

> It’s worth mentioning that all of the projects I’m involved with use Yetus
> to automate a lot of this stuff.  Patch testing uses the same base images
> as full builds. So if your tests run frequently enough, they’ll stay cached
> and the build time becomes negligible over the course of the week.

I get the point, but it sounds counter-productive to build the image on
each run. Need to do more testing to see if the cache would be enough for
us or not.


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Github: https://github.com/tbouron
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eltibouron

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