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From Michael Shuler <mich...@pbandjelly.org>
Subject Re: [IMPORTANT] - A lot of jenkins jobs have been changed!
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2016 23:10:32 GMT
On 11/10/2016 04:29 PM, Gavin McDonald wrote:
>> 2) I would encourage more projects to manage their Jenkins 
>> configurations in version control, either by using a Jenkinsfile or
>> the Job DSL plugin, it makes it much simpler to maintain your
>> configuration in time and easier to collaborate on.

We're using DSL internally and I am planning on setting up the Cassandra
jobs to DSL - works really well.

> Thats a good idea. (In which case you’ll be able to compare the
> changes made with your svn copy and adjust as needed?)

Unfortunately not easily. Any config edit or `sed` updates of the
config.xml will just get overwritten by DSL, unless someone is notified
to go look in time to see what was changed and get it into the DSL VCS.

(The `sed` of 's/docker/ubunt/' sort of broke things.. There are some
jobs in the queue now with nowhere to run.)

I had planned to update the banners on the jobs that they were using DSL
with a link to the repository, to hopefully let people know that any
hand edits are only temporary. I'm not really sure of a better way, but
I'm up for ideas.

Kind regards,

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