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From Lukasz Lenart <lukaszlen...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [IMPORTANT] - A lot of jenkins jobs have been changed!
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2016 10:12:42 GMT
This is osm! Thanks a lot!

2016-11-10 10:22 GMT+01:00 Gavin McDonald <gavin@16degrees.com.au>:
> Hi All,
> Yesterday whilst adding some new modes and re-configuring jobs & nodes for removal
of some Labels - as notified some weeks ago, I noticed some
> unusual configurations that could affect the overall performance of Jenkins and affect
everybody in general.
> The changes were wide spread and out of over 2000 builds I would say at least 1500 of
them are affected in one way or another.
> To point out, none of this is drastic, and your builds are not affected in terms of software
configurations. But a hammer was used here to
> change a lot of builds at once, to make them more uniform.
> A few things were changed.
> 1. Quite a few builds were reduced to keep a maximum of 5 last builds. This is mainly
a space saving effort. (see note below)
>     - this may sound not much but some projects had builds configured to keep 500, 300,
200, 100, 75, 50, 30 builds etc. so it
>       really adds up. I understand that some projects may want to keep builds around
> 2. Some builds were also changed to keep a maximum of 14 days worth of past builds. Again
a space saving effort. As an example some
>     projects were configured to keep 2000, 1000, 800, 500, 200 jobs etc etc ..
> 3. Timeout minutes. A fair few builds involved here, some jobs exceeding what *I thought*
was sensible were pruned to a maximum of one
>     or two hours here. Some jobs for example were configured for 800, 600, etc minutes.
One job was set to timeout after 12000 minutes.
>     I understand that some jobs may break as a result of my changes and obviously that
is not the outcome we are aiming for so please
>     do feel free to change your job back to a more sensible setting for your project
(And optionally send a mail to builds@ saying you have
>     done so and why).
> 4. The same things were done with keep builds with artefacts, reduced to sensible numbers
where there were some ‘out there’ configs.
> Due to some of these reductions, over 400GB has been saved so far in terms of disk. Stuck
jobs should also abort at more sensible
> times too.
> I’ll talk about the labels and new nodes in a different email.
> Any questions, comments, concerns etc please do feel free to email back to the builds@apache.org
<mailto:builds@apache.org> list.
> I apologise for the hammer affect, I did not have time to check stats for 2000+ jobs.
> I also apologise for the lack of notice and only notifying after the fact but it needed
> Thanks
> Gav… (ASF Infra)

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