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From Stefan Seelmann <m...@stefan-seelmann.de>
Subject Re: FYI - disabled timer triggers across the board on builds.apache.org
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2015 16:31:10 GMT
Polling would be fine for us, even @daily.

But it seems the polling doesn't work, see [1]. There is only the icon
but the "Subversion Polling Log" label is missing. When clicking on the
icon it shown an error.

For another job [2] I went into "Configure" and just saved without any
further modification, then the polling seems to work.

Kind Regards,

[1] https://builds.apache.org/view/A-D/view/Directory/job/dir-studio/


On 08/20/2015 07:32 PM, Andrew Bayer wrote:
> I noticed a lot of jobs that were running every day regardless of whether
> anything changed and eating up a lot of executors, so I bulk-removed all of
> them, changing those jobs to poll for changes hourly instead. If your
> project has one or two jobs that you need to run daily whether there are
> code changes or not, you can re-enable the timer, but please do not do that
> for more than a couple jobs, and please do not do it for jobs that take
> longer than half an hour.
> A.

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