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From Richard Downer <rich...@apache.org>
Subject builds.apache.org suitability for Brooklyn integration tests
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2014 10:12:52 GMT
Hello builds@apache.org - and I assume that Andrew Bayer is somewhere
behind this alias?

I was at your talk at ApacheCon Europe last week and asked a question
about if the Jenkins infrastructure would be able to manage the
Brooklyn project's integration tests. I'd like to explore this in some
more detail.

Brooklyn's normal mode of operation is - amongst other things -
installing and managing software. So its integration tests will be
doing things like downloading Tomcat, installing it on the local
machine by shelling out to bash, and starting it, where it would do
things like open TCP network ports for listening. So it is doing a lot
of work outside of the JVM sandbox. Repeat this for a couple of dozen
types of software.

Furthermore, if there's any issue with the code under test, it may not
be able to clean up - in the worst case there would be processes left
running, consuming memory, disk space and network ports.

When Brooklyn entered the Incubator, we moved our unit tests and PR
builder onto builds.apache.org, but we left the integration tests on
other infrastructure as we assumed that the shared build slaves were
not an appropriate place for "messy" tests like these. Instead, the
infrastructure we use relies on cloud build slaves which are shutdown
after the test run, therefore avoiding any cleanup issues.

In the discussion at ApacheCon, you suggested that we could
potentially restrict our integration test job to running on the cloud
build slaves.

What's the best way for us to move forward and run our integration
tests on builds.apache.org?


Committer/PPMC @ Apache Brooklyn (incubating)

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