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From Herbert Duerr <...@apache.org>
Subject default branch substitutions used in buildbot scripts
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2014 09:21:04 GMT
I just wanted to share a small detail that might be interesting to other users of the ASF buildbot

Many of these projects use a pattern in their project specific buildbot configuration

This means that the prj/trunk sub-tree of the ASF repo is checked out if src::branch
does not exist. But if src::branch is empty then the whole ASF repo gets checked out!
The variable can be empty e.g. when the buildbot is triggered from IRC.

The solution is simple. Just change the letter '-' (minus) to a '~' (tilde) i.e.
so that the default branch is also used when src::branch is empty.

Currently only the subversion and openoffice projects use the tilde-substitution,
but 37 of the 55 other projects still do minus-substitution. They might want
to review these replacement patterns.


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