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From Dennis Lundberg <denn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: volunteering for ASF Jenkins farm service maintenance
Date Sun, 13 Apr 2014 19:49:49 GMT
Hi all,

Like Hervé I feel that the current state of Jenkins at the ASF is not
good enough. The main problem, judging by the threads on builds@, are
the Windows slaves. I see two major problems here:

1. The stability of the servers - they seem to go offline quite often,
requiring manual restarts. Not sure where this problem lies though.

2. Misuse of the available resources. Just have a look at the load
statistics for windows1:
It currently has an avarage queue length of 12! With only 2 machines
available (currently only 1) we need to limit the amount of work the
can be put on them. Again I see two parts of the problem:

2.a Extremely long running builds, i.e. builds that take 10+ hours to complete.

2.b Timer started jobs. If these slaves are to be used as *build*
servers we cannot afford to allow builds to run when there have been
no change in version control and no changes in upstream jobs.

Note: the examples above were selected randomly from the currently
running jobs. I'm sure there are lots of other projects doing similar
things. It is not my intention to single out these projects, but to
provide examples to back up the points I'm trying to make.

On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 1:47 PM, Hervé BOUTEMY <herve.boutemy@free.fr> wrote:
> Hi,
> Like many people in ASF projects, I need a good CI service: Jenkins is a good
> tool, then I expected ASF Jenkins farm to give a good service. That's not the
> case for a few monthes (no pun intended).
> Then I'm trying to help by reporting problems, updating documentation on wiki
> page, trying to answer to people on the list who face same problems than me,
> ping people able to do something (trying not to upset them).
> From these monthes, I only saw few Jenkins admins working on problems, always
> the same 2 or 3 (not all on the wiki page). But they seem to have little time
> to fix immediate issues. And I don't see any plan for fixing recurring problems,
> apart from master machine change in january: maybe I'm not on the right list,
> maybe there is nothing done.
> I'm ready to give time on this service. But I need to know how to engage with
> people interested in recurring problems, discuss plans to improve the service.
> Having admin rights on the farm can help, but without discussion with the
> Jenkins farm admins team to decrypt problems and choose a concerted solution,
> that will only do half of a solution (better than nothing)
> Please let me know how to help to get a better service.
> Regards,
> Hervé

Dennis Lundberg

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