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From "Gavin McDonald" <ga...@16degrees.com.au>
Subject RE: [windows1] Pixelbender installation
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2013 22:02:03 GMT
That's fine, I'll take a look. All I'm trying to get across is that NOTHING
HAS CHANGED on the Windows slave, so is it very slightly possible that the
build is failing due to a coding error? In other words, I've been blamed
several times now for breaking the build when I haven't been anywhere near
the machine in question.


Either way I'll look.


And so that we are clear, windows1 is not going away, it is very heavily
used, folks are always complaining it is down, so I'm adding a 2nd windows2
slave in addition to the windows1 slave. Point is, you need to be configured
to use both slaves for it to work, or my time building a 2nd machine is
wasted and you'll continue to complain about the 1st windows box being
overloaded all the time.





From: omuppi1@gmail.com [mailto:omuppi1@gmail.com] On Behalf Of OmPrakash
Sent: Tuesday, 10 December 2013 7:28 AM
To: builds@apache.org
Cc: Gavin McDonald
Subject: Re: [windows1] Pixelbender installation



This issue is unrelated to Windows2 slave.  Our long running job on Windows1
has started failing for the past few days.  Can we first fix that before we
start working on Windows2?

Or, is Windows2 a replacement for Windows1?




On Sat, Dec 7, 2013 at 12:35 AM, Erik de Bruin <erik@ixsoftware.nl
<mailto:erik@ixsoftware.nl> > wrote:

Ok, from the top of this thread:

"The build on windows1 is failing on the 'Pixelbender' task:

The build assumes Pixelbender is installed at:

PIXELBENDER_HOME=C\:/Program\ Files\ (x86)/Adobe/Adobe Utilities\ -\
CS5/Pixel\ Bender\ Toolkit\ 2

Is that still the correct path and does the application start without
errors when you launch it manually?"

In another email in this thread I've listed the software that needs to
be on windows2.

Is there a way to have all our builds run on either windows1 OR
windows2? Most of our jobs depend on files in the workspaces of some
of our other builds, in order to save on disk space and build time. If
we remove these dependencies, we'd basically be forced to copy each
build into each other build.

Since it is the weekend, I'll have limited time to work with you,
sorry. Next Monday I'll be glad to check/test/adjust whatever needs

Please keep in mind that we are at a very important milestone for our
project, and with third party teams relying on our nightly builds,
we'd greatly appreciate a successful run of all our jobs, on whatever
slave works.


Ix Multimedia Software

Jan Luykenstraat 27
3521 VB Utrecht

T. 06-51952295
I. www.ixsoftware.nl <http://www.ixsoftware.nl> 


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