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From Olivier Lamy <ol...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Does our Jenkins default maven settings setup for using the repository.apache.com NEXUS mirrors?
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2013 10:54:58 GMT
2013/6/12 Marshall Schor <msa@schor.com>:
> While climbing the learning curve a bit more on Jenkins, I saw in the
> configuration in the advance build options, the ability to use a "private Maven
> repository".  The help for this suggested "When using this option, consider
> setting up a Maven artifact manager so that you don't have to hit remote Maven
> repositories too often."

Use "Local to Executor" option. as it you won't download everything
all the time and it's concurrency safe.

> We have a repository in our infrastructure that mirrors Maven Central - the
> repository.apache.org machine.
> Is that set up as a mirror for our Jenkins maven builds, when the Jenkins
> configuration for settings file is set to "Use default maven settings"?
If you want to deploy snapshots to repository.a.o yes.
> I see there is also a choice for settings file which is "provided settings.xml"
> which, in turn, gives 2 sub-choices:
>    * archiva-deploy-snapshots-settings and
This one is used to deploy to our Archiva instance (
) and use this Archiva instance as a mirror of central
>    * simple-deploy-settings-no-mirror
contains settings to deploy to repository.a.o

> Is the first one of these the same as "Use default maven settings"?
> If this is all documented somewhere for our installation, can you point me to that?
> Thanks, and apologies for the many questions!
> -Marshall Schor

Olivier Lamy
Ecetera: http://ecetera.com.au
http://twitter.com/olamy | http://linkedin.com/in/olamy

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