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From Martin Desruisseaux <martin.desruisse...@geomatys.fr>
Subject Re: Apache build infrastructure or Oracle JVM problem: crash in native JDK code
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2013 17:22:57 GMT
Le 20/02/13 18:12, Jesse Glick a écrit :
> I would merely claim that loading classes from a snapshot JAR is 
> _prone_ to triggering crashes when other factors come into play which 
> might be difficult to predict.
I agree. We will move to a non-snapshot version when we can. The only 
issue is that we need to make a release before we can do that (unless we 
choose to keep permanently one of the snapshots).

>> This snapshot JAR file is used as a plugin for other modules well 
>> after the build has been completed.
> Well after the build of that plugin module has been completed I 
> suppose you mean. (According to your build log, the JAR is created 
> earlier in the reactor build and then loaded at the moment of the crash.)
Yes you are right, thank for clarifying.

> At any rate, for many reasons it would be preferable to run on the 
> latest available version of Java (7u15 as of this writing). I do not 
> personally have admin permissions to help you there.
Anyway, many thanks for your efforts,


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