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From Andy <andy.gumbre...@orprovision.com>
Subject bb-2008_windows
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2013 10:20:53 GMT
Hi infra, The http://ci.apache.org/builders/openejb-trunk-win-sunjdk 
<http://ci.apache.org/builders/openejb-trunk-win-sunjdk> builder is hung on bb-2008_windows.
I believe this is due to a 
long pathname that windows cannot handle (see the logs).

I have a batch file (dellp.bat) that can resolve this using robocopy, which should be available
on the box. If not it is 
part of the 2003 resource kit (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17657).
The batch file synchronizes the target directory (in this case 'c:\\slave4\\openejb-trunk-win-sunjdk\\build')
with an 
empty temp directory, which physically deletes the contents of the target directory - Ignoring
long path name issues.

Due to the volatile nature of the batch file it should be handled with care!


REM dellp.bat

@ECHO off

@IF NOT "%ECHO%" == "" ECHO %ECHO%
@IF "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" setlocal

IF {%1}=={} @echo Usage: dellp LongPath&goto :EOF
IF NOT EXIST %1 @echo Error: LongPath – %1 NOT found.&GOTO :EOF

SET "todel=%1"
SET "empty=%temp%\del%random%"
MD "%empty%"
ROBOCOPY /PURGE "%empty%" "%todel%"
RMDIR /s /q "%empty%"
RMDIR /s /q "%todel%"


Is it possible for someone with access to resolve this issue, and maybe safely integrate the
dellp.bat into the windows 

Best regards,


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