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From "Gavin McDonald" <ga...@16degrees.com.au>
Subject RE: Is a project-specific change_source possible in our buildbot setup?
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2012 17:32:45 GMT

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> From: Herbert Duerr [mailto:hdu@apache.org]
> Sent: Thursday, 1 November 2012 9:46 AM
> To: builds@apache.org
> Subject: Is a project-specific change_source possible in our buildbot
> Hi,
> I have a question regarding buildbot change sources in our asf-buildbot
> environment.
> There is a problem e.g. in http://ci.apache.org/waterfall?show=aoo-win7
> that one can see a lot of changes to the whole repository that are outside
> our tree. This is confusing, especially as the got_revision property is
set to
> the latest revision in the whole repository whereas the interesting part
> to reproduce a build problem etc,) is the last change to that part of the
> repository that is used for building a project specific snapshot.
> In master.cfg there is a line c['change_source']=PBChangeSource() that
> seems to be responsible for doing it globally. My idea is to change our
> specific buildbot config (openofficeorg.conf) so that the change source
> the PBChangeSource prefix option to filter out any changes outside of our
> tree. Now the questions are:
> - would such a change to openofficeorg.conf impact the other projects
> negatively? Are the buildbots connected in such a way, that this could
> happen?
> - the PBChangeSource() line in master.cfg needs a userid and password from
> a module private. Is it possible and allowed that project specific config
> use this private module?
> Or maybe there are better ideas on how to the change source for our
> specific buildbots only see the changes to our part of the tree.

Presently not possible due to the way our hooks are set up.

Feel free to open an INFRA jira issue with the request, and  link to this
email thread 
So that we have context and others don't send you back to this list.

> Herbert

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