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From Jesse Glick <jesse.gl...@oracle.com>
Subject Tool auto-installation
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2010 17:53:44 GMT

This would be very useful on hudson.zones.apache.org; even the most common stuff like JDKs,
Ant, and Maven do not seem to be set up. Which is rather irritating because 
there is a long list of special versions of tools which only work on certain hosts. In particular,
for some of the Ant-related jobs I would like to use the latest JDK 1.4 
on whichever node is available to run the job, but I have to pick between IBM JDK 1.4 on Ubuntu
or Solaris 1.4, neither of which is attractive - the IBM JDK is an unusual 
config, and the Solaris slaves are often busy.

Is there any definite plan for moving to a more managed tool system? I recommend defining
tools which will work on any node named e.g. "latest JDK 6" and using automatic 
installation. Specialized vendors and versions like IBM 1.4 can still be defined for limited
hosts if some jobs need them.

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