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From Jesse Glick <jesse.gl...@oracle.com>
Subject Possibly stalled jobs
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2010 17:48:21 GMT
Several jobs - Zookeeper-Patch-h1.grid.sp2.yahoo.net, Pig-Patch-h8.grid.sp2.yahoo.net, Tuscany-2x
- are extremely slow (running for several hours now), and history shows 
that they were often just aborted. I think these should be given a timeout. Tuscany-2x does
actually have a timeout of 400 minutes, but that seems excessively generous 
for a job tying up one of two executors on one of the only Solaris slaves. (BTW why is hudson-solaris
labeled "Solaris" rather than "Solaris 10" like 
lucene.zones.apache.org, when it in fact appears to be running Solaris 10?)

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