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From "Gav..." <ga...@16degrees.com.au>
Subject RE: Hudson access for non-PMC member
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2010 12:46:42 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Tim Ellison [mailto:t.p.ellison@gmail.com]
> Sent: Thursday, 28 January 2010 2:04 AM
> To: builds@apache.org
> Subject: Re: Hudson access for non-PMC member
> On 27/Jan/2010 11:26, Justin Mason wrote:
> > Hi Philip --
> > it's purely because the user accounts on the Hudson machines have
> > quite a lot of privileges.
> Anything much more significant than people's privileges via their
> people.a.o accounts?
> > Personally I'm open to the idea of making an exception if the AVRO
> > call for it, and assuming none of the other Hudson admins are against
> > it.
> Not against it, but if there is a flood of new account requests from
> committers I'd like to examine whether we can roll those machines into
> the existing infra routines.

What has been talked about in the past, to the Hudson admin team, is restricted
access to Hudson Admins ONLY on the main Hudson Master box. This is going to be
implemented real soon now and those not in the Hudson Admin Team will have their
accounts removed.

Regarding the slave machines, Minverva/Vesta , only those PMC members and approved
Committers (approved by their PMC if they are not PMC Members) that need shell
accounts will get one. All accounts will need to login using an SSH key as password
logins will also be disabled. If you have an account on Minerva/Vesta please ensure
you have a pub key installed and in use as we will switch to this system soon.

Rather than seeing 500+ accounts on these machines I would rather see as few as 
possible, with those having accounts helping out the maintenance and configurations
for all projects and not just their own.

I've seen here and elsewhere maintenance become a nightmare for machines with too many
accounts, too many people doing configurations for their projects which overwrite or
overrule configurations for other projects, folks upgrading stuff which makes tests
useless for certain projects because they depended on the older version etc.

It may seem a pain for some, not being able to just log in and do as they like, but I
would rather they asked instead for things to be done, and those things be done by a
few volunteers, such as is the case for the majority of Infra machines. This will make
maintaining and upgrading and keeping secure the machines a whole lot easier, and those
that volunteer to look after the machines (not just their own project interests) will
get to know the machines, where things are, what can and can not be upgraded/replaced
etc. Minverva/Vesta are in need of patching as a minimum and dist-upgrade preferable
considering the recent cve releases this past couple of weeks. We need people that
can perform these Operating System level upgrades and patches, and know what to do if
any of that breaks stuff for projects.

So, I'm certainly -1 on continuing down this track of giving shell account to anyone
who asks for it, it's just not workable and not sensible. 

I am absolutely +1 on Hudson Admin Team maintaining these boxes and giving out shell
accounts to the few PMC members that really need it, and also expanding out the 
Hudson Admin Team if necessary to add a very few more folks that will maintain all
aspects of the machines for the benefit of all projects.


> Regards,
> Tim

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