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From Aristedes Maniatis <...@ish.com.au>
Subject Re: Clover configuration
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2009 04:31:09 GMT
On 11/12/09 2:55 AM, Aristedes Maniatis wrote:
> What is the recommended configuration for getting clover to work with a
> maven build? I've tried to specify the license file on its own, or also
> the clover jar. But nothing is working for me.

OK, I've figure this out. Turns out that Clover2 has completely different configuration parameters
to Clover1. The answer is -Dmaven.clover.licenseLocation-...

But now I get this error:

[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Clover upgrades for your license ended January 20 2009, and this version of Clover
was built November 20 2009. Please visit http://www.atlassian.com/clover/renew for information
on upgrading your license.

Would anyone mind if I applied for a new license and replaced the one at /export/home/hudson/tools/clover/latest/lib/clover.license?
Or does someone have a liaison with Atlassian for doing this in an official manner?

Ari Maniatis

Level 1, 30 Wilson Street Newtown 2042 Australia
phone +61 2 9550 5001   fax +61 2 9550 4001
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