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From Shane Curcuru <...@shanecurcuru.org>
Subject Re: Some feedback on the new review mechanism
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2016 13:12:21 GMT
Big lesson: next year's conference selection process will be awesome,
because we'll be using the tool(s) for the second time, and things will
work nicely!

- Have the daily ration be smaller.  Needs to be small enough to do
while eating lunch, or later (after you've read many abstracts) during a
long coffee break.  If people have more time, let them sign up for a
second round each day.

- If you can post slightly more statistics of how many rankings were
assigned each talk and the distribution, it might help people feel more
comfortable getting away from the traditional 1-5 scale.  (Not that the
1-5 scale was useful, but that's what people are comfortable with).

In particular, hearing there were 50+ scores for every talk was an
"ah-ha!" moment for me.  There really was a lot of input per talk.

I agree with not releasing the whole raw dataset; but posting a little
more on the methodology and approximate scoring of two bubbles vs. three
bubbles etc. would be helpful.

- I'd like to include the "why is this talk important for X audience"
data as well; at least I try to fill that in with something useful for
reviewers and organizers on my proposals that I think add some data.

- Shane

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